Company owned 5 Lakh Sq.ft. warehouses

Warehousing (3PL operations)

Sprawling over 5 Lac square feet, our custom built warehouses are technologically updated and strategically located, to ensure ease of operations. A trained and dedicated team works towards making every transaction, glitch free.

We are with you - every step of the journey.


  • General Warehousing
    Storage of any kind of general cargo. Movement of goods happen at the consent of goods owner.
  • Customs bonded warehouseg
    Storage of dutiable goods in Bond warehouse under supervision of Customs officials. Movement of goods takes place as per the consent of Customs officer.
  • Inventory management & Planning
    Helping the client to manage inventory, set re- order levels, alerts as stocks exhaust so as to ensure a smooth flow of business for the client.
  • In-plant stores management
    Managing a factory or production unit warehouse. This is typically done to cater to the needs of a manufacturing plant and ensure effortless processes.

Is The Safety Of The Goods Assured, Even When They Are Not In Transit?

We provide services to store, manage and deliver the goods professionally, as warehouses are an indispensable feature of businesses that deal in heavy goods. State-of-the-art equipment along with advanced ERP solutions, are operated by well trained and experienced professionals. Inventory managers ensure total efficiency and timely deliveries. We partner with professional, custom bonded import warehouses as well as take care of the highly significant, yet less considered branch of spare parts logistics too. Today, Aarohan Logistics Private Limited owns over 3 Lac sq. ft of warehouse spaces at strategic locations to provide more ease of business to clients.

We keep your consignment the way you would - Safe.

The Aarohan edge

  • Over 3 decades of warehousing experience
  • Company Owned 5 Lakh Sq.ft. W/h.
  • Single Window Logistics Solution Provider.
  • Multi Facility & Dedicate warehousing options available.
  • In-house WMS & MIS available.
  • Strategically located W/h.
  • In-house MHE & HDR.
  • Customised facility for the specific needs of various industries.