We go the extra mile - so you don’t have to

Clearance & Forwarding

Aimed to provide more comfort of work for Import-Export clients, we facilitate Clearance & Forwarding making us your single window logistical solution providers.

We go the extra mile - so you don’t have to.


  • Freight forwarding and cargo clearance
    We make sure goods are cleared at the port owing to thorough paperwork and processes that are all in place.
  • FOB & CIF shipments
    Are taken care of, as per latest rules and regulations. We stay updated so that you don’t have to worry.
  • Ex-Works arrangement
    Is also made available if the client so desires.
  • Cargo Insurance and inspection
    We take care of all the details so that your shipment travels without hitches. Insurance too is taken care of ensuring complete safety.
  • Port handling, carting, receiving goods
    We ensure all the paperwork is in place so that there is no delay in receiving or carting the goods. This helps maintaining smooth operations and deadlines as well.
  • Examination of goods
    We ensure your value for money at every step for safety and speed.
  • Registration of contract
    With customs officials makes the entire process quick. This in turn adds to your efficiency of business, saving you precious time as all the necessary processes and paperwork is in place. On time.

How many places will I have to run to?

We take care of all the details and make sure you are not bothered nor stressed about the paperwork being in place. We do it all for you so that you can grow your business and networks, knowing your shipment is in the right hands.

The Aarohan edge

  • Proper and complete guidance for entire paperwork needed.
  • Ready checklist and appropriate classification for Customs compatibility.
  • Effective packing tips for economic handling and maximum safety.
  • Handling of stuffing and destuffing at ports, ICDs and Customer warehouses.
  • Reconciliation of contract after completion of import.